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University of the Arts, London (UAL)

UAL is "the world’s biggest factory for making trouble" (Grayson Perry, UAL Chancellor). It is 1 university, made up of 6 Colleges and 19,000+ students from everywhere.

Stromtechs are currently working on a BMS project at UAL in Stratford. This building is part of the regeneration legacy from the 2012 Olympics and is new building for the London School of Fashion.

Stromtechs are working for SCI Ltd and are part of the MJL Mechanical and Electrical team on this project. The building is made up of 14 floors from Ground to Roof and has a complex Building Management System running throughout.

Stromtechs have provided secondary containment and cabling for all mechanical plant areas controlling the AHU’s, UFH as well as all energy meters and FCU’s. In the plantrooms the LV power has also been undertaken to supply the AHU’s. On top of the control cabling, the Smoke Damper network has been installed.

All works have been completed to the highest standards and on time. This project is due to finish early summer.

See below for further pictures of the work


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